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I'm a self-taught painter. Stylistically I feel an affinity to surrealism, symbolism, and the decadents - with a healthy appreciation of the Pre-Raphaelites and the Nazarenes.  I love strong lines, and containment. I destest the degenerate cezannisms/renoirisms that led to the greater part of the 20th century being an artistic wasteland...
Not that I dislike wastelands, but we must be particular in which particular dystopia we choose to invest ourselves in. I like a dystopia that can be preserved in formaldehyde, behind glass. Even the most intolerable atrocity can be tolerated if it's behind glass.


I suppose at some point I will add a list of previous exhibitions and the like, but honestly I'm finding this site is to be enough work as it is. I'm fairly hopeless when it comes to self-promotion, so just bear with me.

I do sell my work - unless it's already been sold (t'would be unethical to do otherwise). If you are interested in a particular piece, please contact me, as I am astoundingly approachable. 


Oh, and I HATE pretense.
Look around; be happy


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